We’re probably not that different from you...
We work hard, play hard, and dream big.


→ our deal

We’re a start-up started up by (mostly) developers from start-ups with the sole purpose of helping start-ups start up.

→ our founder

Founded by Brian Fudge—developer, entrepreneur, and start-up vet—Code Brilliant is geared specifically for early-stage start-ups, companies looking to go from ideation to MVP.


→ our people

Based in San Diego, the company is comprised of developers (who dare to dream), coders (for whom sleep is optional), and entrepreneurs (risk-taking reward-reapers) with experience in technology development and business building.

→ our differences

What makes Code Brilliant different is how we keep things lean (no scope creep!) and focus all our efforts on your profitability.



Yes, we’ll help transform your idea into reality, but we’ll also help you spot new opportunities for driving revenue as well. We don’t consider our job done until you’re in the black.


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